Thursday, February 02, 2012

Quick Update

By Belinda

In talking with Rob today, he decided to leave things as they are regarding the parking issue in the close.

The worker from the housing trust has written to renters of the hall to ask that they consider parking based on ability. We appreciate the letter being sent.

The rocks are going back, painted white.

The signs are misleading and will be removed, since they cannot be policed by the housing trust, and a new sign is going up.

This is Rob's issue to decide on as he lives there and I would support him in whatever he believed he should do. The majority of people in the close probably do not have cars and this would not be an issue for them.

We are focusing on gratitude for good housing in a wonderful community. Even though the answer was not what we had hoped, our concerns were heard and responded to.

End of this intrigue.


Marilyn said...

All's well that ends. :-)

Good story, well ended.

Belinda said...

Thanks Marilyn! It feels that way--the ended part at least. :)